Friday, January 25, 2008

Hamburgers and Snow Boots

I normally don't get to see movies at a real movie theater (for you other moms a movie theater is a big place where they show first run movies and usually you can go there on a date or with other friends minus children). So, it was a treat to go see Juno with my friend Ellen a couple of weeks ago. I heard good things about it and it did not disappoint. It had the three elements I consider to be essential to a quality movie experience: good writing, good acting and good music. Now, I will say good music goes a long way with me. I will often enjoy a movie that has good music even if the other two elements are missing. Almost Famous is an example of that. Anyway, I thought all the top elements were in Juno, so that is saying a lot.

One of my favorite scenes takes place at the beginning of the movie. Juno (the teenage girl) is calling an abortion clinic to schedule an abortion. I hope this doesn't spoil the movie for you, even if you haven't seen it, I assume the picture of a pregnant girl gives the main idea away. When she calls the abortion clinic she is calling in her room on her Hamburger phone. Now, i am not trying to make light of abortion, that is a whole can of worms in itself, but in this scene it isn't necessarily about the abortion but the fact that a person is having such a serious discussion on their silly, childhood phone. Of course, the actress, Ellen Page, is absolutely brilliant and her conversation is hilarious too.

The reason this scene struck me was that as a mom I kind of feel the same way sometimes - talking "grown-up" talk while still using my hamburger phone. I know I am 31 and often physically feel even older than that, but mentally I still feel like I should be 16. I look at my kids sometimes and think - "this is sure one long babysitting gig, when are their parents going to come and get them." It is just so hard to believe I am the one responsible for everything about them - what they eat, their safety, their education, their morals, and basically everything about their entire well-being. I don't know about you other moms but I feel pretty incompetent when it comes to thinking I can handle all of that. Like Juno in the movie I am having to make a bunch of big decisions but am a little out of my league. I keep looking around for someone else to tell me what to do.

So, with all these thoughts of phones I can't help but remember my first "cool" phone I got for my bedroom. I was in junior high and spotted what I considered to be the most awesomest, raddest phone ever in Spencer Gifts at the mall (by the way, awesomest and raddest were real words in junior high). At this point those of you who are familiar with Spencer's know all about the high class merchandise that can be found here. Those of you not familiar will just have to imagine a very elegant store that had tons of neon lights, beer signs, trashy posters, whoopie cushions, and even the occasional vibrating penis gag gift. Yes, we are talking the finest of the fine gift shops in Midland. Anyway, this phone was bright red and actually lit up with bright red neon whenever the phone rang or whenever you talked. Now, at the time I didn't think I could dare to dream of such coolness but lo and behold my sweet dad got it for me for Christmas. Woo-Hoo!!! I was set to talk and talk I did. I got that phone and don't think I got off of it until I went away to college. It turned out to be especially handy when I started getting those late night calls - ladies you know the ones I am talking about. I would go and turn all the other phones on silent very sneakily and wait for my phone to light up. So, maybe you see why I really liked that scene in Juno. Phones have always been important to me. It makes me sad I can't talk as much as I used to because certain kids make it harder, but every once in awhile I still like to sneak off where no one can see me, and just talk away. After all I still feel like I should be that same teenager talking on their red, neon phone.

A Daily Dickens

In case you haven't noticed I like to use subheadings. As a journalism major we had to do this sometimes and they just stuck with me. Anyway, this will be a recurring sub-section where I will describe what we did in a particular day. By no means will I do this every day but if you see the heading be forewarned you are about to hear such excitement you might not be able to contain yourself.

On to our day. We had a pleasant day. This morning we went to our friend Amanda's house for a kid/mommy playdate. It was so much fun. The kids made crowns and Ashley and Landen both wore their pink ones with pride. The mommies made little bag tags for the kids. I loved it! They turned out so cute. Some of you might be getting them on birthday gifts in the future. Thank you Amanda for a really great time! Jessie had a test today so afterwards he was home the rest of the day getting ready for his big ski trip this weekend. He is going to Breckenridge with a high school friend. We unpacked a ton of ski stuff we hadn't seen in years and I found my pair of bright white ski boots. I don't remember buying these, but I think my rationale at the time was that white matched the snow. Now I look at them and think I look like the abominable snowman. They sure are warm and cozy though. Landen insisted I put them on, so I did, and five hours later I am still wearing them. Some people have Uggs, I have my bright white snow boots.

*Since everyone is still getting used to my writing and blog please note that like I am in person, my humor in my blog will be sarcastic at times. Please don't ever be offended at anything I write, especially about such hot button topics as abortion and abominable snowmen:)

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Brit and Heath said...

Please, please wear your snow boots to neighbor dinner. If you do, I'll pull out my technicolor ski parka and let you talk on my multi-colored neion phone in the clear case!