Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I thought I was losing my mind. Before kids I had close to a "photographic memory." It was the only way I managed to make good grades in school. I never really knew how to use logic and problem solving skills, it was all memorization. Now, I can't remember a thing, especially anything pre-baby years. Apparently, other moms feel the same way (a.k.a. Kristen's comment in How it All Started). If you click here there is officially a name and even a research study for it, "momnesia." Hallelujah, we aren't crazy! It even goes as far to say that we may be ditzy but that just means we are better moms. How great is that?? Baby brain is real and it is here to stay, so come along and join me for the ride. Maybe we will remember each other tomorrow.


Kristen said...

The most discouraging part of the article..."A baby's primary caregiver loses 450 to 700 hours of sleep the first year."

JaLisa said...

LOVE IT!!!! I have never forgotten so mnay things nor been so stupid until I had Trinity. I think part of my brain cells came out with the placenta!