Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What am I doing Wednesday

Is it Wednesday already? How did it come around so quickly? Oh yeah, I have a million things to do, so the week just zooms by. When my to do list is shorter the week drags by.

What I am watching

Still loving Heroes. We watched the entire second disc of season two on Friday night, all four hours of it. I believe Real Housewives of New York premiered this week too, but I missed it. I forgot to Tivo it, but will catch it on one of the thousand reruns they no doubt will show.

What I am reading

I finished Waiting and am now onto Pledged, The Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins. I told you there would be a pattern in my reading. I like to call it my "memoir period." I still owe you reviews for Martha and Waiting, they will come one day.

What I am clicking

I guess I will take a break from sharing my celeb sites with you and direct you to something more worthwhile. I came across Blurb awhile back and it looks like it can be a really great gift idea (mom close your eyes while reading this part). You can make and print your own little book with pictures. I think this would really make the grandparents cry.

What I am listening to

I like the Jack Johnson song, Flake. The best part is it features Ben Harper. I love Ben Harper, it reminds me of when J and I started dating.

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