Wednesday, March 12, 2008


We survived part one of the 2008 Dickens family vacation marathon. We arrived at 11 pm last night and I have spent the entire day preparing for part two. Tomorrow we fly to Atlanta to spend a day with J's aunt, uncle and cousins. Then we will drive to Tennessee for the Dickens/Head annual vacation. Dickens/Head annual vacation had to take a break for the past two years, but we have been resurrected. A cabin awaits us in the Smoky Mountains. I am not sure if I will have Internet access, so if you see a lack of posts I direct you over to J's blog at The Family Guy. He can post pics using his phone. I will be back in full force next Thurs.

Now on to more important matters, I have been tagged!! It is so awesome. I haven't been tagged in years. For those of you new to blogging (for example - my mom), when you are tagged, that means someone has invited me to answer questions or follow their lead on their blog. I feel so honored to have Michelle tag me.

What I was doing 10 years ago?

It was the second semester of my junior year at A&M. I was living in the University Commons apartments with Suzanne. We were so excited about these apartments because we each got our own bedroom and thought it was party central. We were right on that. Unfortunately, there was a fire alarm that was easily pulled by any drunk party attendee. So, on weekends and many weeknights our fire alarm would shriek as loudly as you can imagine at all hours. It was torture. I eventually hammered a pillow over the siren but it still didn't help.

I think the most surprising thing to note about me 10 years ago is the fact that I hardly ever watched tv, didn't care about celebrities, didn't have any magazine subscriptions, didn't use the Internet, didn't email and didn't have a cell phone. What kind of world was I living in???? It is amazing to think how far we have come in such a short amount of time. I can not imagine my life without our modern technologies. At the same time, I do miss the old fashioned letters I used to receive and write to friends.

As for the tv, I did watch Friends but that was the only show I remember watching. Now, I am addicted to tv, celebrity gossip and magazines. These interests developed when I started working and had more time to read and do other things besides study and go out with friends.

5 Things on To Do List

My list today was crazy long. Here are just 5 selections:

Laundry from San Antonio, Pack for tomorrow, Mail Landen's invites, Buy 2 new bags for trip, Make baggage tags

My Favorite Snacks

I am not a big snack person. I prefer to eat a solid meal. If I have to snack I usually eat a piece of bread with butter and maybe a piece of cheese. Of course I love chocolate and sweets and could always eat these for snacks.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire

My list would be endless. I would give tons of money away to all my closest family members (you might want to start kissing up just in case...). I would also make sure the kids were taken care of for a good education and in the future. I would also give money to several of my favorite charities. Of course I would save a lot to make sure we never ran out. Finally, I would just have fun by traveling and buying myself and the people I love things they wanted.

3 Bad Habits

1. I leave the cap or lid off of things.

2. I take a nap most days when Landen takes a nap.

3. I can be wasteful. My first instinct is to always buy something new rather than look and see what we have to use.

5 Places I have Lived

Midland, TX; College Station, TX; Dallas, TX; Plano, TX; and Denver CO for a brief time.

5 Jobs I have had

Assistant Manager of a bridal store; Assistant to the Brand Manager at the Association of Former Students; Assistant Buyer at Neiman Marcus; Account Manager in Public relations; Assistant Recruiting Admin at a law firm.

I just noticed there is a lot of "Assistant" titles. I guess I was just preparing myself for the permanent personal assistant job I have taken on around here.

Now I answered my tag, I now tag the following people, Amanda, Kristen, JaLisa, Brit, Jessie, Amy, Sarah, and Darby.

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