Tuesday, February 19, 2008

32 Things About Jessie

Today is J's 32nd birthday. I realized that I have known him since he was 23 and I was 22. That is so weird to think about. We have both come so far. To honor him I thought I would share 32 things about him that are special, unique or just something you might not know.

1. No one can eat cereal like Jessie. He once won a cereal eating contest in college by eating 16 bowls of Cocoa Puffs. Even to this day he can eat bowl after bowl. I have never understood it.
2. He has an interesting habit of leaving cabinet doors open. I always know where he has been in the house because the doors leave a trail. Sometimes I mention it to him, other times I just close them. To be fair, I have a habit of leaving caps off of things, which drives him equally crazy.
3. He is very ambitious, motivated and a hard worker. He inspires me.
4. He reads my gossip magazines. He claims it is so we will have something to talk about but I know he just reads them because he likes them.
5. He is the smartest person I know.
6. He would sacrifice anything for a good cookies and cream milkshake.
7. He is a wonderful father.
8. Notting Hill is his favorite movie; however, he loves all kinds of movie. He will sit the longest period of time while watching a movie.
9. He is my best friend.
10. Even though he was raised with all boys and has no clue what it means to be a girl, he is very understanding of little A and me being girly. Reading princess books and letting little A do his hair are common occurrences. He also pretends to appreciate my pedicures.
11. Loves going to the lake and wakeboarding. His boat was lovingly called "Jer" (Jennifer's engagement ring) because he bought it instead of buying me a ring. Eventually, I got the ring, but the boat is obviously very important to him.
12. Can play "8 Days of the Week" by the Beatles on the guitar very well, but nothing else.
13. Will try anything, even "apple water" in Mexico.
14. Can't tell a lie or keep a secret.
15. A clown was his go to Halloween costume as a child.
16. Has played every sport imaginable but excelled at football. He always regrets not playing in college.
17. Is extremely supportive of my choices. He has never pressured me to work or stay at home. He just tells me to do what makes me happy and means it.
18. Comes up with lots of invention ideas, probably at least two or three a week. I think he was Thomas Edison in a previous life. I think his "mint dispenser" is my favorite.
19. He has a better eye for decoration and design than me. I usually don't shop for home stuff without him.
20. He is always making me laugh and laughs at my corny jokes.
21. He understands the importance of us each doing things on our own and together.
22. He will watch the same shows I do. Right now I am trying to get him interested in Gossip Girl. So, he is watching the reruns with me even though I don't think he likes it.
23. He dances with me and the kids.
24. He has eclectic music taste like me, so it is always fun to compare our music finds.
25. He loves root beer.
26. Once told me that all he needs to live is "hugs and snacks."
27. Always tells me how beautiful I look even when I know I don't.
28. Is a big time pack rat but tries to change for me since I hate clutter.
29. Can not sit still, he must always be working on something.
30. Loves golf.
31. Will do anything silly to make the kids laugh, and gives them lots of hugs and kisses.
32. Is my true love.

Happy Birthday Hubby! May we each keep growing with each other and getting better with age!


Suzanne said...

Tell Jessie Happy B-day. Jason turns the big 3-0 on March 4 - FINALLY!!!!!

Michelle said...

G and I loved your list. I also can see why they are friends, because he does several of the same things.

Happy Birthday Jesse!

jessie said...

I love my wife. She's the best!

Sarah Meche said...

Ahhhh! I can't believe we missed it! Hope you guys are doing well!