Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week In Review

What was Good

  • Landen still sleeping in until 8 or 8:30, I LOVE it!
  • A fairly easy transition to a big boy bed (knock on wood).
  • A nice Valentine's Day with the family
  • A night out with just J and me on Saturday night. It was for a school related dinner but still a great opportunity for an adults only event with free food.
  • A "stress-free" weekend since J had his test on Friday.
  • Yummy chocolates in the mail from MiMi (my mom) for Valentine's.

What was Bad
  • A sick child. So, we were stuck at home all week.
  • L being extremely irritable with his sickness.
  • Me being extremely irritable with his sickness.
  • Hearing the chocolates that Mimi sent calling me to eat them. I have been so good on my diet and the chocolates are evil.
  • Feeling really old at the school dinner. Most of J's fellow students are around 22, so I feel like the old lady crashing the party. It was really cute to see some newly engaged couples talk about their upcoming weddings with such excitement. I remember those days. Young and in love and having no clue what lies ahead!

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