Sunday, February 10, 2008

Week in Review

Thank you to all who commented on my "favorite housecleaning items" post. I love reading your suggestions and can't wait to try them. Even though the moment has passed you are still encouraged to go back and leave me your favorite cleaning item. Now onto our week in review.

What was good this week.......
  • Landen sleeping in until about 8 or 8:30 (yes, he still goes to bed at 7:00) and taking a two hour nap.
  • A pending end to the writer's strike.
  • Another great episode of Lost.
  • Lots of magazines in the mail.
  • A new trip to plan and look forward to in March.
  • Some really great weather days.
  • A wonderful dinner with our good friends, the H's, on Saturday night. They just recently moved back to our great land after living far, far away for many years. It was so great to have them back and have all of our kids play together.
  • A great dinner Friday night with good friends and good Mexican food, what more could you ask for?
  • The kids having a great time at a Chuck E. Cheese playdate with their friend Morgan. Landen has not stopped chanting "Chucky, Chucky, Chucky" since Saturday. He loves that big rat.
  • A really great birthday party today for our friend, Ian, who turned three. It was at Kiddin' Around Playcare and was a perfect party place. The kids had free rein of the entire place while I got to sit and actually talk to other adults.
  • A yummy meal at Dickey's tonight, topped off with a Dr. Pepper, after being so good on my diet all week.

What was bad....

  • I will be honest most of the week was pretty rough. Landen had his injury and to top it off was extremely grouchy all week. I think his big, back molars are on the move again. Everything was a struggle. At one point, I was at a store and fighting him to sit down in a cart when an older lady actually walked up to us and started yelling at Landen to "Sit down in the cart, stop being so hard on your mommy." She must have thought I looked so desperate that I needed some help. I actually did feel pretty desperate but I am never so desperate I want random people yelling at my kid. Regardless, I found myself on the edge all week and not at my best in dealing with the kids. Frustration brings out the worst in me and no one knows how to push that button better than my kids.
  • My spellchecker on my blogger not working. I pride myself on being a good speller, but I am not that good. So, ignore any mistakes. If it makes you feel better print out a copy of my posts and use your red marker to correct them. That's what I do when I read other people's blogs (just kidding.....maybe).
  • Not being able to sleep. I am so glad Landen has been sleeping in because I have not been able to fall asleep each night until after 1:00 am.


Michelle said...

Spell check isn't working on my blogger either, and I've seen another blogger say the same thing. I'm cut/pasting into Word to spell check b/c I am a HORRIBLE speller!
A Dr. Pepper after Dickey's sounds heavenly! I'll be indulging when caffeine is legal again.
Hope you get more rest this week.

ASC said...

Here's to kids to sleep all night AND take great naps. WAHOO! :-) And sleep, who needs it? (ha!) I don't think I've slept through the night since E was born -- even if she has! The perils of being a mom....hang in there!