Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What am I doing Wednesday

Due to a knife injury I am unable to type a lot (I love to maintain an air of mystery). So, this will be brief.

What am I watching?
We got the first season of
Heroes on DVD. We have only seen the first two episodes but I love it.

What am I reading?
I finally finished Martha and a review will come soon. Now, I am reading
Waiting, The True Confessions of a Waitress by Debra Ginsburg. After my browsing session at Half Price Books, I discovered a love for the social science section. Therefore, you will probably start seeing a theme in what I am reading.

What am I clicking?
Lil Sugar is a fun little blog I came across. It has interesting posts on mommy and kid stuff.

What am I listening to?
I heard
Private Conversations by Lyle Lovett the other day in a store and was reminded how much I love this song. I have a little something special for Lyle. I once had the opportunity to meet him while organizing a Bonfire Relief Concert at the Association of Former Students. He is a very nice person, I can see why Julia fell for him - hair and all. The link is a little strange, but J will absolutely love it!

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Those Dandy Dillards said...

Of course... one of the major themes of the Lil Sugar website is celebrities :) I chuckled when I noticed that - what a perfect site for you. Kids and Celebs!