Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All in a Morning's Work

Little man's To Do list from yesterday morning. He gave himself a couple of hours to get this all done.
  • Take a lid off of a cup of water and "accidentally" pour it on couch and big sister. Watch sister scream.
  • Climb precariously to reach a tall shelf containing many wooden puzzles with many wooden pieces. I really need a certain one. Result - spill puzzles with their tiny pieces everywhere.
  • Get into Mommy's purse and find hand sanitizer (my personal hygiene fave, you never can be too clean). Pour contents all over tile floor and spread it as far and wide as possible because I think the floor is a little dirty.
  • Find Daddy's aftershave and pour into his contact lens case. When Daddy needs to store his contacts at night they will smell extra good on his eyes.
  • Since Daddy's eyes will smell good, I will squirt some aftershave on me too and while I am at it go ahead and spritz on several of Daddy's colognes. After all I am a big boy now.
  • I am in the bathroom so take the opportunity to squirt nasal spray out on floor. That is cool to watch.
  • Mommy will need her deodorant later, so help her by opening it up. Test it out on counter to make sure it will work.
  • Go to guest bathroom and find kids' toothpaste. Squirt this out on my hands, to get some tactile stimulation It is so fun to be slimy.
  • For my grand finale, find some glue and dump contents of bottle on mommy's label maker, thus ruining it. She is way into that thing anyway.

It was an aggressive plan but he was able to accomplish every last bit of it. There is no doubt about it, my son is a "go-getter." My personal favorite was the glue on my label maker. I loved my label maker and was planning some great things for it this week while organizing the garage. J asked me where I was during all this pandemonium. Honestly, all took place within a few minutes of me turning my back. I already watch him like a hawk because I know how he is, but now I guess the only alternative is to super glue him to my hip.


ASC said...

Ohbhhhh, we had one of those days around here last week. I was about to run away from home! :-) Hang in there! It seems like they have one of those days, and then the next day, they are super sweet...so...wait for it! :-)

Michelle said...

This made me laugh out loud. Sorry to laugh at your misery, but at least you seem to have a sense of humor about it. What can you do?

Kristen said...

That is so impressive! Dylan never has done anything like that, but I can see the ideas brewing in Logan's head. I just can't show him this list!