Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What am I doing?

I quickly grow tired of things, some may even say I am a "quitter." That's fine, I have come to accept it. Since I embrace by quitter status I have decided to stop using my fancy WAID post title. I am over it.

So, what am I doing this week? Organizing the garage. Spare me your jealousy.

What am I watching?

I forgot to mention but some shows are back on post strike. Surprisingly, I didn't care very much. I got used to not watching tv. Of course, watching season one of Heroes on DVD helped me with my transition, and Lost was still on.

This past week I watched new episodes of Office and Desperate Housewives. Office was hilarious. I loved it; however, Housewives was awful. They are officially on probation with me.

What am I reading?

Just finished my polygamy book, so I am in between books. I received my Real Simple magazine in the mail today. I signed up for a free promo thing and am officially hooked on it.

What am I clicking?

My friend JaLisa at Life's Journeys discovered Blogthings. It has tons of fun, silly quizzes that I am totally addicted to. It helped me discover that if I were a nut, I would be a hazelnut and if I were to belong to a generation I should be a baby boomer. That explains a lot.


JaLisa said...

I love that site too!!!

ASC said...

I LOVE Real Simple. I got mine yesterday too and started reading it after E went to bed. My mom gets me that magazine subscription each year as a Christmas gift. ... Now, if my house only looked like those in the mag! And if I were that organized! :-)