Wednesday, April 02, 2008


This week instead of typing "What am I doing Wednesday?" I decided to go the abbreviation route with the cool "WAID?". Feel free to pronounce it how you like. I prefer "wade." I saw on some other people's blog they have a "Works for Me Wednesday" shortened to WFMW. So I copied the idea but thought I would drop the Wednesday to make it a real word. Now, when you wake up on Wednesday you can say, "Hey, it is WAID day over at Jenn's blog I am just dying to know what she is doing this week." It is all about efficiency people.

On to my list. As an FYI (yet another efficient abbreviation) I am currently eating some Kettle pop corn, it is yummy. If you have never tried it, go get some, you deserve it.

What am I Reading?

I finished "Pledged" and am reading "Shattered Dreams: My Life as a Polygamist Wife" by Irene Spencer. Yet another memoir. Will the madness ever stop? Unfortunately, not for a long time.

What am I Watching?

Tomorrow I will be recording the pregnant man on Oprah. I think that is "must see" tv. I also finally watched the Bachelor Update Show. It has been on my DVR for a few weeks. This show has to be the most degrading piece of filth on tv. It plays to every stereotype there is and makes women look like desperate fools all competing for one lousy guy. Do I still watch? ABSOLUTELY!

What am I clicking?

Family Fun has a great website. They have lots of recipes and activity ideas. I have been clicking on their site to find the best activities, craft ideas and healthy recipes for my children. Yes, I am a super, fabulous mother. There is no reason to dwell upon the fact that I happened to enter a free Disney cruise contest and just glanced at the recipes, crafts and activities in order to figure out how to get a prize.

What am I listening to?

Sadly, there is nothing to write about here. I just haven't been paying attention to music this week. The pregnant man story just has me all messed up in the head. I can't focus on other things.

There you have it. My WAID. Like usual, I have a super long to do list and still managed to stay in my pajamas until 3:30 today. I also managed to cross off two of my list items while taking a nap. Don't even bother asking my secret, it will go to the grave with me. Let's just say it goes back to being that "super, fabulous" person I am.

Random Thought/Question of Week

My BFF Kristen over at Duffey Life, included a random thought on her blog one time. I thought it was cute, so being the copycat I am today (see abbreviation idea above) I decided to copy.

Why is it every time I go to a pharmacy, it takes forever to get my prescription? I have been to different places, at all times of the day, every day of the week and with different numbers of people in front of me and every time it takes an eternity.

Often I will get excited when I pull up at the drive thru or go to the counter and see that there is only one person in front of me. I am soon to discover that this doesn't matter. The standard minimum 20 minute waiting period still applies. That one person in front of me has a million issues with their medicine. I just don't understand. When I go to pick up medicine, I simply state my name and I receive it immediately. Of course this is medicine I have already ordered. When you actually have to take a prescription in to get filled I hope you remember to bring supplies with you because you will be there for awhile. Food and water are a must unless you plan on buying the 5 dollar mini water bottle they have for sale.

A-HA! I just figured it out. They make you wait so you will get desperate enough to buy all those impulse items at outrageous prices. "You say the Snickers is 10 dollars? I will take it, I know I will be here awhile!"

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