Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Annual Strep Party

When: End of April, beginning of May
Where: My house
What: A celebration of strep throat. There will be sleeping contests, free Chloraseptic spray, and plenty of soft, mushy food for everyone.
(Bring your own antibiotic)

As if my lingering cold was not enough, I was confirmed with having strep today. According to the doctor, I had strep this exact same time last year. At A&M we used to say if you do something once then it becomes a tradition. Since this is my second annual case of strep, I officially declare it not only a tradition, but worthy of its own party. I may be the only one attending the big fiesta but that's ok. I realize this kind of party could easily get out of control. It's not for everyone.


JaLisa said...

Thanks for not inviting others :).

Those Dandy Dillards said...

Even when you are sick - you can still write entertaining blog posts. I'm impressed! Thanks for the chuckles... Get better soon so we can have a playdate, darn it! hehe :)

ASC said...

Ohhh, MAN! I hope you are feeling better!