Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Long time.....

I am sorry for my absence from my blogging duties. To be honest, my excuse is laziness. With post-vacation stress disorder, Easter, Landen's birthday, Landen's birthday party, and monthly deep cleaning duties I have been too tired to write. I finally feel caught up and have survived a busy few weeks. Now onto our usual routine, because I am all about routines.

Weekly WAID

For those of you just joining us, WAID stands for "What am I doing?" as in What am I doing Wednesday with the Wednesday part dropped for obvious reasons.

What am I watching?

Nothing. You heard me - nothing. That is how busy I have been. There was one night though I caught a part of a movie J was watching. It was called Idiocracy. Whatever you do PLEASE do not watch this movie. If you do happen to watch this movie and actually like it, rest assured you will be banned from ever having a conversation with me or my loved ones again. You can also count on an intervention from me. For those of you have seen it and claim you like it based on its attempt to provide a satirical comment on the way our society is headed, prepare for my wrath. I know satire and this is not it. It is directed by the same person who created Beavis and Butthead - enough said. As I write all of this, please know that my very own husband actually thought it was funny too. He is currently banned from conversing with me too - wait maybe he is getting the good end of that deal.

What am I reading?

Still on Shattered Dreams, the polygamist book. It is ironic I am reading this as the big polygamist camp was invaded this week by the FBI. I find the book interesting but the author does not write to my liking. It is also so hard for me to fathom how these women can find the arrangement acceptable. I know it is drilled into them and they are brainwashed, but I just don't see how they can live that way.

What am I clicking?

If you haven't found Pandora radio yet you need to try it out. It will match up a special song selection for you based on your music taste or fave artist. J listens to it all the time and loves it. I find it a little hit or miss but I am hard to please. Overall, I enjoy having access to a lot of variety.

What am I listening to?

Call me old school but I like Van Morrison (hey, don't blame me, blame my former hippie parents). I noticed today that for the first time his CD broke into Billboards top 10. This man has been singing for decades so he deserves some recognition. My favorite song is Into the Mystic. Once you hear it, I don't know how you can't fall in love with it.

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