Thursday, April 24, 2008


They say that we learn something new every day. I learned a couple of new things yesterday. Some of these things I already knew, but it never hurts to be refreshed from time to time. Since I like to contribute to the greater good, I thought I would pass them along.

1. An entire bottle of ibuprofen is not toxic to small children

While taking a phone call for just a few minutes, I returned to find little man pointing to an empty bottle of ibuprofen in the sink and a chair he had pulled up to the counter where we had the medicine stored. We had just opened this bottle a couple of days ago. There was a little tiny bit on the floor but I asked him if drank the bottle. He replied "Yes." I looked everywhere and couldn't find any other trace of it. He loves the taste of the Berry flavor, so I knew he probably had really done it. Poison control and hubby medical student both calculated the dosing and confirmed that he would probably be ok but would need more food and water. He did have some diarrhea but overall was ok. The one positive was the super good mood he was in.

2. Don't ever turn your back on your child even while on the phone with poison control.

While on the phone, I came back in the kitchen to discover that little man had chosen this perfect time to get himself some orange juice. He opened the fridge pulled down a brand new carton of OJ and spilled the entire carton all over the floor.

3. Soup is messy.

Right after I got through cleaning all the messes, it was lunch time. I thought I would serve veggie soup to the kids. I knew at the time this wasn't the best option cleanliness wise but thought the broth and veggies would be good for little man after all the medicine. Sure enough, during our meal Ashley dumped her entire bowl all over herself and the floor. This is on top of Landen's usual mess. I also had the honor of dropping their plates filled with grapes and chips on the floor.

4. Don't wash disposable diapers.

During the course of my super day, I threw in a wash of the kids' laundry. When I went to put it in the dryer I found that two diapers had been mixed in with the load. Fortunately, these were not dirty diapers but they caused a huge mess anyway. They broke apart and those little absorbant crystals were all over my washing machine and the kids' clothes. This was another really fun cleaning task.

5. Just when you think nothing else will go wrong, it does.

At the end of the day I discovered our upstairs air conditioning is broken. It wasn't so bad last night but it is still broken tonight and is really hot up there. Landen is having a tough time falling asleep as I type because it is so warm.

That was how yesterday went around here. Those were actually the high points, there were several other minor issues that aren't even worth mentioning. Suffice to say, the fun just kept on coming. Today, I decided retail therapy was in order. I am almost healed but a nice pedicure on Saturday might really put me in full recovery.


Darby Basham Brown said...

Keep your chin up, you only have 16 more years to go!! Love yall!

ASC said... of "those" days. Hang in there. And have a glass of wine....or two.

Kristen said...

At least his temp was down from the medicine to counter act the lack of air...