Friday, April 11, 2008

Crazy Day

Yesterday morning we woke around 4 am to what I thought was a tornado. The wind was so loud it felt as though the house was going to blow over. Looking outside it looked as though we were in the midst of a hurricane. I have never seen winds like that, they were 75 mph to be exact.

As morning broke there was a lot of damage, but we luckily did not have any to our house. Two neighbors had enormous trees fall and block their garages. Amanda at Those Dandy Dillards has some pictures of her tree. Since I was still able to back out of my garage I took one neighbor's little boy to preschool and another neighbor's husband to work. All I needed was to paint my car yellow to make myself official! I really liked being able to help friends and be useful even if it was just a ride.

I can't imagine what people who really experience a major hurricane or tornado go through. Just with our brief storm, it was crazy driving around and seeing trees and power lines down everywhere. It is just amazing how helpless we are in bad weather and how great a power it is.

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